Water on tap

Water on Tap is a new outreach initiative sponsored by IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. A six-session public lecture series that takes place in the informal setting of the bar De Gist (Phoenixstraat 4, Delft). The aim is to build the public’s water knowledge, and to connect IHE’s work and other water professionals to the general public. Each session will have three engaging presentations and fun games (with prizes e.g. local beers) that are all linked to water, all dressed with free tap water and finger food.

Water on Tap takes place every last Tuesday of the month from May to October 2018, from 20.00 to 22.00. Each monthly session will focus on a specific theme linked to current water issues. The first session will discuss the water we drink!

We all drink water, but have you ever wondered where does the water that you drink comes from?, or what happen after? In the first edition on Water on Tap we will learn everything about the water you drink and flush!

Eddy Moors, Rector of the IHE Delft, Institute for Water Education will open this first session, letting us know the importance of studies that focus on water. Professor Michaela Hordijk from Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, will let us know the fascinating world behind the water you drink. And, our third speaker (TBC) will talk about what happen with the water after you flush your toilet.

In between talks there will be games, so you can test your water knowledge and win some great prizes!

Follow us through our Facebook page and join the first first appointment of Water on tap, The fascinating world of your tap water! Tuesday, May 29 at 20:00 at De Gist.

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