300 days of detention for Fariba Adelkhah

We’ve been in lockdown for 20 days. Fariba Adelkhah, researcher at the International
Research Centre of Sciences Po Paris, has been in prison for 300 days in Iran. By posting her
face on the websites of academic institutions and research teams in Europe and elsewhere, we
want to show the support of the scientific community and urge the French government to do
everything possible to secure her release.

To learn more about the detention of Fariba Adelkah and Roland Marchal (released on March 20) and the international mobilization for their freedom visit the blog of the support committee.

Fariba Adelkhah is in danger. We must act urgently for her. #FreeFariba

Emanuele Fantini

Emanuele (@emanufanti) is senior lecturer and researcher at the Water Governance Chair group of IHE Delft. He works on water, politics and development in Ethiopia; media, science and water conflicts in the Nile basin; visual research methods. Emanuele hosts the podcasts "The sources of the Nile" https://nilewaterlab.org/podcast-the-sources-of-the-nile/ and Water Alternatives Podcast http://www.water-alternatives.org/index.php/wat

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