IHE Delft at the international development studies conference “Solidarity, Peace and Social Justice”

The EADI ISS 2021 Conference on “Solidarity, Peace and Social Justice” will take place online from the 5th to the 8th of July. IHE Delft Water Governance Department contributes by hosting two workshops and two roundtable sessions. Follow the hashtag #Solidarity2021.

EADI is the European Association of Development Research and Training Institute. Its triennial general conference, originally planned for July 2020, will be hosted online by the International Institute for Social Studies (ISS) in the Hague, from the 5th to the 8th of July. The general theme is Solidarity, Peace and Social Justice and our department will contribute with the organisation of four events.

Pre-conference workshop From Abstract to Vlog

We will begin on Friday July 2 at 2 pm (CEST) with a pre-conference workshop on how to turn your abstract into a vlog. Building on the experience of the summer course “Visual methods for water communication”, Roland Postma, Juliette Cortes Arevalo, Adinda Ceelen and Emanuele Fantini will help the participants to make a short video with their phone to communicate and promote their research. It is an hands-on and fun workshop, at the end of which we hope to have several videos and captivating stories to be shared online during the conference days. The challenge will be to tell a story about your research with an object inside your house, like this one.

Roundtable on photography, water and dams in Ethiopia

On Tuesday July 6 at 11:00 am the roundtable Whose Renaissance? Ways of Seeing Water and Dams in Ethiopia will explore the connection between popular culture and large-scale investments in water, land, and infrastructures. Inspired by different photography and visual research projects on water and development in Ethiopia, the roundtable will discuss the use of photo in building, legitimising or challenging narratives about development, nature and technology. The photographers Martha Taddesse (Ethiopia) Roger Anis (Egypt) and Fausto Podavini (Italy), together with Alice Chautard (REACH Communications and Knowledge Exchange Manager, University of Oxford, UK) and Emanuele Fantini (IHE Delft) will engage in a post-colonial discussion on representation, ethics of photojournalism, aesthetics and power. They will share and compare their gazes to reflect on how different artistic canons might be used to elicit emotions about water, to represent different stories and to give voices to specific interests.

Young boys taking animals to the river in Fentale, Awash Basin, Ethiopia.
Credits: Alice Chautard

Workshop on practising feminist political ecology

On Tuesday July 6, (unfortunately same time of the roundtable above, 11 am CEST) Wendy Harcourt (ISS), Lyla Mehta, (University of Sussex, UK), Margreet Zwarteveen (IHE Delft) and Irene Leonardelli,(IHE Delft) will host a workshop on Practising Feminist Political Ecology: Building Knowledge Communities. Feminist Political Ecology (FPE) is an approach that looks at how to promote community well-being and socio-environmental justice, analysing power relations within different systems of oppression at different scales. FPE examines the processes, strategies and political mechanisms that different individuals and communities in the global North and in the global South use to challenge the existing power relations based on exploitation, domination, and conflict. The workshop will share experiences and insights of the Wellbeing Ecology Gender Communities (WEGO) ITN network on how to do grounded FPE research in collaboration and solidarity with social movements and community initiatives around issues of social and environmental justice, natural resource management and care. Mentors and PhDs will engage in a conversation together with the workshop’s participants, to share their experiences about practicing research-activism in different contexts, using creative and reflective research methods and sharing outputs in different visual ways, like the new website Troubling Waterscapes.

WEGO members in conversation with women farmers in Maharashtra, India.
Credits: Irene Leonardelli

Roundtable on inclusive development and social justice in water governance

On Tuesday July 6 at 3,30 pm, Joyeeta Gupta (University of Amsterdam – UvA) and Klaas Schwartz (IHE Delft) will chair a roundtable on Inclusive Development and Social Justice: Challenges and Opportunities in Water Governance . The roundtable will examine how particular models, concepts and instruments in the water sector have different meanings depending on the domain in which they are being discussed and practiced and how this impacts on inclusive development and social justice. These domains of water governance may concern international and national policy and legal domains or operational domains of water provision. The speakers – Lyla Mehta (IDS), Tatiana Acevedo (Utrecht University), Emanuele Fantini (IHE Delft), Hebe Verrest (UvA), Gabriela Cuadrado (IHE Delft), Michaela Hordijk (UvA) – will reflect on the challenges and opportunities in promoting inclusive development and social justice in the water sector.

Join us for inspiring discussion on Solidarity, Peace and Social Justice” in the water sector and follow the conference with the hashtag #Solidarity2021.

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Emanuele Fantini

Emanuele (@emanufanti) is senior lecturer and researcher at the Water Governance Department of IHE Delft. Committed to public engagement and crossover projects with artists and journalists, Emanuele coordinates the project “Open Water Diplomacy. Media, science and transboundary cooperation in the Nile basin”, he hosts the podcasts “The Sources of the Nile”, “Water Alternatives Podcast”, and “Si dice acqua”, and he is the editor of IHE Delft Water Governance Blog, FLOWs.

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